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DECEMBER 31 2003

Sciabarra at The Atlasphere:  "The Cultural Ascendancy of Ayn Rand" (also noted at SOLO-HQ, L&P, Capitalist Chicks, Objectivism Online Forum, Ayn Rand 2, Nathaniel Branden List, Rand-Discussion, and The Autonomist)

DECEMBER 28, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "New Republicans:  Meet the Old Republicans"

DECEMBER 27, 2003

Sciabarra responds to criticisms of his new monograph, Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation, on the Psychology-WTL list

In response to Lindsay Perigo's Tribute to SOLO, Sciabarra wishes the organization a Happy 3rd Birthday!

DECEMBER 24, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

DECEMBER 23, 2003

Sciabarra at SOLO Forum:  "Hussein, Bin Laden, and Qaddafi" (and here)

DECEMBER 20, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Sowing and Reaping"

DECEMBER 19, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Perfect Timing"

Sciabarra at L&P:  "The New Jersey Conspiracy"

DECEMBER 18, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Saddam and U.S. Complicity" (cited also by L&P's Sam Koritz)

Sciabarra at SOLO Forum:  "Saddam, MAD, and More"

DECEMBER 17, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "History and Oil"

Sciabarra at SOLO Forum: "Death to Tyrants!:  Follow-Up"

DECEMBER 16, 2003

Sciabarra's Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation reviewed at Independent Gay Forum

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Dick Cheney's Words of Wisdom, Circa 1992"

DECEMBER 15, 2003

Sciabarra on the SOLO-Yahoo Forum:  "Death to Tyrants!" (also noted at L&P "Don't Bother To Examine a Folly," by Keith Halderman here,  by Jacob Halbrooks here, and a whole discussion sparked by Johnathan Pearce at

DECEMBER 14, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Saddam Hussein in a Mud-Hole"

DECEMBER 12, 2003

Three L&P Posts:

"Ayn Rand and Martin Luther"

"Waiting for Divine Intervention in Iraq?"

"Mixed Economy 101"

The New Fall 2003 Journal of Ayn Rand Studies Arrives:  The issue includes a special symposium on "Ayn Rand and Progressive Rock," inspired by Chris Matthew Sciabarra's Fall 2002 essay, "Rand, Rush, and Rock," which also makes its debut today on the Dialectics and Liberty site.

DECEMBER 10, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Friedman's 'Presidents Remade By War'"

DECEMBER 8, 2003

Commenting on Silber's LOR post ("Please Do Not Call Me An 'Objectivist'"---LOR in the running for 2003 Koufax Award for Best Non-Liberal Blog), Sciabarra posts at L&P: "Ayn Rand's 'Objectivism' is Dead!  Long Live the Randians!" (see also Vodkapundit and In a Blog's Stead here and here)

Sciabarra replies to a comment left at L&P on the Iraq situation

DECEMBER 7, 2003

Sciabarra on "A Question of Loyalty:  A 'Saddamite' Responds to Perigo" at The Free Radical (also mentioned on L&P).   A PDF is available here.

See new pics at Blondie's Photo Gallery, detailing Lindsay Perigo's October visit to Brooklyn.  Start here.  And take a look at Linz's "This and That."

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Al Sharpton, Comedian"

DECEMBER 5, 2003

Sciabarra on Atlantis II:  "More on Rand's Philosophy of History" (noted at L&P also)

DECEMBER 4, 2003

Sciabarra thanks Arthur Silber for his LOR post: Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation---and Rand's Deeply Regrettable Moralizing.  See also LOR posts here and mentions by Vodkapundit, Daily Pundit, and in Ari Armstrong's "Libertarianism:  A Reply to Peter Schwartz."  See other reviews of Sciabarra's new monograph here.

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "Rand's Philosophy of History"

DECEMBER 3, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "More on Rationalism & War, Flames & Oxygen"

DECEMBER 2, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "Rationalism & War, Flames & Oxygen" (at L&P too)

Sciabarra at SOLO HQ:  "The Professionalization of Ayn Rand Scholarship" (Discussion is archived)

NOVERMBER 30, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "The Reciprocal Relationship between Tribalism and Statism"

NOVEMBER 28, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "Al Qaeda and More"

NOVEMBER 27, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "The Primacy of Politics in Explaining Modern Tribalism"

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Thanksgiving Memories"

NOVEMBER 26, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "The Three-State Solution" (scroll down)

Sciabarra posts another follow-up at Atlantis II:  "Even More on Iraq" (highlighted at L&P; scroll down)

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Murdered G.I.s May Have Died for a Lie" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 25, 2003

Sciabarra posts another follow-up at Atlantis II:  "More on Iraq" (cited at L&P)

NOVEMBER 24, 2003

Sciabarra posts to the Secular Individualism List on "Objectivism versus Randianism?"

NOVEMBER 23, 2003

Sciabarra posts another follow-up at Atlantis II:  "Even More on Osama, Saddam, and More" (cited at L&P)

NOVEMBER 22, 2003

Sciabarra posts a follow-up at Atlantis II:  "More on Osama, Saddam, and More" (cited at L&P)

NOVEMBER 21, 2003

Sciabarra at Atlantis II:  "Osama, Saddam, and More"

NOVEMBER 19, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "George W[ilson] Bush" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 18, 2003

Sciabarra on the Mises Yahoo Group:  "Changing the Intellectual Culture" (includes several updates)

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Bush, Wilson, and Buckingham Palace" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 13, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P: "In Memory of Ed Norton" (noted too by David Beito in "Death of a Lodge Brother," scroll down)

NOVEMBER 12, 2003

My dear friend and fellow L&P blogger, Arthur Silber, also runs a terrific blog himself:  "The Light of Reason," on which I've often appeared. He is among the casualties of the recent Los Angeles transit strike.  You can help him out and contribute to his worthwhile efforts by going to LOR and using PayPal to provide "Fuel for the Light" (on the right-hand column).

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Bush on 'Jeffersonian Democracy' in Iraq" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 11, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Veterans Day:  The Things They Wrote" (scroll down)

Lindsay Perigo and SOLO Proudly Announce the publication of Sciabarra's Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation.  (Noted at L&P [scroll down] and Binary Circumstance too)

Click Here to Order the HOMOnograph!!!

NOVEMBER 10, 2003

Sciabarra on "Ben-Hur" here and here at IMDb

Sciabarra at L&P:  "More on the Bush Speech: Rhetorical Pragmatism" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 7, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "One Cheer for G. W. Bush" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 6, 2003

Sciabarra at LOR:  "What Most Hawks Will Not See"

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Wilson, 'The Missionary'" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 5, 2003

Sciabarra comments on L&P:  "War, Drugs, and Principles" (scroll down; noted here and here too, by fellow blogger Keith Halderman)

NOVEMBER 4, 2003

Sciabarra comments on L&P:  "Death Tolls in Iraq" (scroll down)

Sciabarra posts an Atlantis II follow-up on Rand's presence in scholarly journals

Sciabarra at L&P: "The Largest Emergency Spending Bill Ever Sought by a President... Approved" (scroll down)

NOVEMBER 3, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "'Contextual' or 'Dialectical Libertarianism,' It All Comes Down to Culture" (scroll down; noted here too)

Sciabarra also comments on "dialectical libertarianism" at Julian Sanchez's Reason Hit & Run post, "Prometheus on a Hill of Fire"

Sciabarra comments on LOR's "Reality Check" (and in follow-up discussion as well)

Sciabarra comments on the growth of Rand studies (re-published from Atlantis II)

NOVEMBER 2, 2003

Sciabarra at LOR:  "In Praise of Contextual Libertarianism"

Sciabarra asks on L&P:  "Who Botched the Occupation?" (scroll down; noted here too)

OCTOBER 31, 2003

Happy Hallowe'en

Blondie the Cheerleader

Sciabarra on "Federalism, Privacy, and Civilization" and "Baseball De-Tox" at L&P

OCTOBER 29, 2003

Sciabarra cites Garin Hovannisian's article on the California fires in LOR's "Truly Rotten Timing" (noted here too)

OCTOBER 28, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Hate from the Heartland" (scroll down)

Sciabarra comments on Silber's LOR post:  "The Institutionalized Insanity Intensifies" (and there's follow-up too!)

OCTOBER 27, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Joseph Rowlands' SOLO HQ essay:  "Anger Management"

OCTOBER 26, 2003

Sciabarra at L&P:  "Iraq & the Culture of Dependency" (scroll down)

Oy.  The Day After the Fish Fillet the Yanks:  Yeah, my 2003 New York Yankees lost the World Series, 4 games to 2, to the Florida Marlins.  Congratulations to the Fish and their  72-year old manager Jack McKeon.  I must confess deep disappointment, especially after the exhilarating Game 7 victory over the Red Sox.  But for those who tell me: "Oh, the Yanks win every year"... well, not quite.  For older fans from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and for younger fans, post-1996, October baseball has been a New York staple.  But for those, like me, who began rooting for the Yanks in the mid-1960s, World Series victories have not been typical.  It took 12 years (from 1964 to 1976) for the Yanks to return to the Series, only to be defeated by the Cincinnati Reds. Back-to-back victories in '77 and '78 were terrific, but with a Series loss in 1981 and a first-round playoff defeat in 1995, the team didn't win another championship for 18 years. And since that awesome 1996 victory, they've won 4 and lost 2 World Series.  True, being a Yankees fan is not like being a Cubs fan or a Red Sox fan.  But while I honor the team's tradition of excellence, my Yankees have been "losers" for 35 of my 43 years of life on Planet Earth.  All the more reason to savor every postseason, to revel in victory when it occurs, and to shout from on high the Eternal Baseball Chant:  Wait till next year!

OCTOBER 24, 2003

Sciabarra makes his debut as part of "Liberty & Power:  Group Blog":  "Islamic Resurgence in Syria" (noted too by LOR here and Jim Henley's Unqualified Offerings here)

OCTOBER 21, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Silber's LOR post:  "The Fatal Utopian Delusion"

OCTOBER 18, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Silber's LOR post:  "Cut Out the Smears, and At Least Try to Address the Issues"

OCTOBER 17, 2003

Curse of the Bambino?:  Of all the B stings to affect Beantown!  Can You Say Babe Ruth?  Can You Say Bucky Dent?  Can You Say Bill Buckner?  Can you say AARON BOONE... the latest B to Belt the Boston Red Sox??  The Yankees win the Pennant in the bottom of the 11th inning of the 7th game of the American League Championship Series on a Boone walk-off home run and go to the World Series to face the Florida Marlins!  (Amazingly, the Marlins, like the Yanks, came back in the 8th inning, over a 3-run deficit, to win over the Cubs...)

GO YANKS!!! (And even Yankee fans can forgive the LOR for this sacrilege... but Silber makes up for it with this tribute to Yankee Hall of Fame shortstop:  Phil Rizzuto:  Bravo!)

OCTOBER 16, 2003

Sciabarra comments on the New York Yankees on Silber's LOR post:  "Of Baseball, and Politics"

OCTOBER 9, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical for the "Ayn Rand Discussion Deck" [under the thread, "Re: Nonsensical Right-Wing Propaganda"]

OCTOBER 7, 2003

Sciabarra comments on LOR's thread:  "A Free Press---But For How Long?"

OCTOBER 6, 2003

For the first time ever:  Sciabarra's award-winning undergraduate senior honors thesis in history has been published!

 Labor History Revisionism:  A Libertarian Analysis of the Pullman Strike [Historical Notes No. 46, Libertarian Alliance; also in PDF version]

Sciabarra comments on the foreign aid fiasco in LOR's "It's Not Only Bribery"

 OCTOBER 4, 2003

Sciabarra weighs in on the Credibility Chasm in American politics at LOR on "Their Most Alarming Pathologies" here and here

OCTOBER 2, 2003

Blondie Sciabarra:  "What I Did on My Summer Vacation"... take a look at eight new photos added to "Blondie's Photo Gallery," and click into each of them for a better view.

OCTOBER 1, 2003

The First SOLO Monograph Announced, Forthcoming in November 2003 (noted by Silber's LOR too)

Chris Matthew Sciabarra's Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation

SEPTEMBER 30, 2003

The Baseball Post-Season Begins Today... GO YANKS!!!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2003

Sciabarra on "Privacy and Civilization," republished from The Free Radical 58 (September/October 2003):  6 (and noted by Silber's LOR and The Binary Circumstance too!).  A PDF is available here.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Silber's LOR post:  "The Immorality of 'Flypaper'"

SEPTEMBER 13, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Silber's LOR post: "About Fascism"

SEPTEMBER 12, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Silber's LOR post:  "The Deluded Philosopher-Kings"

SEPTEMBER 11, 2003

Never Forget.

Sciabarra's Tribute noted by LOR "The Pain of Loss, The Power of Love"; Vodkapundit, "9/11 Links"; The Daily Pundit: "Two Years into the War"; Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog (Laura "Tegan" Gjoovg's Amazing Aquatic Blog), "Random Thoughts"; Walter in Denver, "9-11 Anniversary"; Don Watkins' Anger Management; and Glenn Lamont's Running Blog Capitalist.  While you visit, read the tributes each has posted on this Day of Remembrance.


It is a sunny Tuesday Primary Day in New York City, not unlike Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  In a "Not a Blog" exclusive, "Remembering the World Trade Center," Sciabarra shares his own Twin Tower experiences, along with personal photos. 


Sciabarra wishes Happy Anniversary to The Light of Reason


Congratulations to Andy Roddick on his first Grand Slam Victory at the 2003 U.S. Open!


Sciabarra's first professionally published article from May 1980 is re-published by Libertarian Alliance, Historical Notes No. 45:  Government and the Railroads During World War I:  Political Capitalism and the Death of Enterprise  (also in PDF version)


Sciabarra comments at The Light of Reason on Saudi Arabia & Iraq in "'Flypaper':  Wolfowitz Himself Says It's Bunk" (and noted again at LOR here)

AUGUST 29, 2003

Sciabarra comments at The Light of Reason on "The Smallest Minority"

AUGUST 25, 2003

"Dialectical Libertarianism:  All Benefits, No Hazards" makes its debut on Sciabarra's "Dialectics & Liberty Site."  The essay was first published in The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (Spring 2002) as a reply to Roderick Long's review of Sciabarra's Total Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism.  (See, also, Long's additional comments on anarchism, here.)

Also a reminder:  Sciabarra's Cyberseminar on Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical commences on 8 September 2003: noted by Light of Reason and Vodkapundit (thanks!!!)

AUGUST 24, 2003

A "Not a Blog" Exclusive:  A Day in the Bronx with Ron Guidry (noted too by at Light of Reason and the Miklos Rozsa Society Website's Rozsa Forum)

AUGUST 21, 2003

Sciabarra thanks Arthur Silber for his Profuse Thanks at the Light of Reason, and is mentioned by Peter Saint-Andre in a blog entry on The Last Ideology?

AUGUST 16, 2003

On the Blackout of 2003, Sciabarra answers the question:  Where were you when the lights went out?  (as a guest writer for Light of Reason).  This post has already been noted by Instapundit, The Daily Pundit, Vodkapundit, and The Binary Circumstance.  And Sciabarra participates in follow-up discussion too.

Also, from The Free Radical 57 (July/August 2003):  10-11:

"The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies:  Four Years and Counting" (with comments, and thanks to Diana Mertz Hsieh for her birthday wishes to JARS, and to Arthur Silber for his congratulatory message and other links too!).  A PDF is available here.

And don't forget to take a look at the new issue---Volume 4, Number 2---of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies!!!

AUGUST 10, 2003

Sciabarra's "Not a Blog" added to the "Splinter Group (academic blogs)" list of Crooked Timber; also added or noted by the following pages:  Neo and Paleoliberal for Life, Aubrey Herbert's Economic Education,, Libertarian Jackass, The Binary Circumstance, Circling* Apollo, Lelee Land, Monster of We, God of the Machine, and The Anger of Compassion, Globe of Blogs, Instead of a Blog, Running Blog Capitalist, Classical Values, Up With Beauty, Scholars Who Blog, Il Cannocchiale, Political Theory Daily Review, The Agon Blog, Somewhere Over the Rainbough, In the Mouth of Madison, Blog Father ... blog on!

AUGUST 6, 2003

Sciabarra responds in Navigator to William Thomas's article on foreign policy.

AUGUST 3, 2003

Sciabarra responds to a thread on "Objectivist Imbroglios" on the site of Ilana Mercer (and see Sciabarra's praise for Mercer's new book, Broad Sides)

AUGUST 2, 2003

The July/August 2003 issue of Navigator:  An Objectivist Review of Politics and Culture published by The Objectivist Center includes two Sciabarra items.  The first is a letter to the editor written by Sciabarra on the subject of William Thomas's article, "Weighing War." A link to this letter will probably be available online in the near future.  The second item is a note in The Objectivist Center "Logbook" section of the magazine: "TOC's Monographs Are Reviewed."

JULY 28, 2003

Sciabarra posts on Aristotle (for the 3,243rd time) :) on the Objectivist Outcasts list

JULY 26, 2003

Today, I celebrate the one-year anniversary of "Notablog."  This page has actually been around for years, under the title "The Sciabarra Update" and "What's New."  It wasn't actually re-named "Not a Blog" until 1 May 2003.  But I adopted the weblog-style here on 26 July 2002---and I'm happy to mark this milestone.  Charles W. Johnson of Geekery Today joked that the title of my "Not a Blog" was sufficiently "Janus-headed," aiming for a dialectical "transcendence," since the "Non-Blog . . . presupposes the activity of Blogging."  Truth is, I named this "Not a Blog" as in "To Be or Not a Blog"---because it is, in one sense, a web-log index of my various posts and articles throughout cyberspace.  But, in another sense, it isn't a formal blog with comments and such.  So, since the law of noncontradiction ("a thing cannot be both A and non-A at the same time and in the same respect") requires an attention to tense ("at the same time") and sense ("in the same respect"), I can proudly say that "Not a Blog" is fully in keeping with Aristotelian logic!  I'm also happy to report that I've completely updated all the links on my site, and that you can now navigate through the 200+ pages here with no fear of dead links.  (Famous last words...)  Check out the newly-revised My Favorite Things, Version 2.0, with more than 600 links (double that of Version 1.0!!!).  And don't forget to take a look at all the other sub-directories on Sciabarra's Dialectics and Liberty Home Page.

Thanks for your support!

JULY 23, 2003

Sciabarra contributes to a SOLO HQ discussion on Nelson Mandela.

JULY 22, 2003

Sciabarra on "Aristotle and Zen" (republished from the Mudita Forum list)

JULY 21, 2003

Sciabarra schedules a new 12-week cyberseminar---to begin on Monday, 8 September 2003---which will cover several chapters from Total Freedom and the entire text of Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical.  Click here for more details.

JULY 18, 2003

Sciabarra contributes to a discussion of foreign policy on the site of Daily Pundit (William Quick)

JULY 17, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Arthur Silber's Light of Reason essay, "I Told You So"

JULY 15, 2003

The thread on Liberia and US foreign policy is heating up on SOLO HQ.  It continues here (but follow the continuations too...) and if you are interested in any previous discussions on SOLO HQ (or any other lists) mentioned below---don't forget to return to the various threads on those lists, since follow-ups are not all posted on "Not a Blog."

JULY 12, 2003

Sciabarra on Liberia, The New Folly:  Start here

JULY 9, 2003

"You Say You Want a Revolution . . ." (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

Sciabarra comments on "Ayn Rand and Russian Literature" (republished from the Nathaniel-Branden Yahoo List).

JULY 8, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Arthur Silber's post "I Accuse:  To Those Who Pave the Way for the New Fascism (Part IVD, conclusion)"

JULY 6, 2003

Happy Birthday, Blondie!

They insist on taking photos that make me look like a dog out of Village of the Damned... and you can see, ahem, similar photos at my Photo Gallery.  Click Here!

Sciabarra writes:  "Today, my dog, Blondie, a Chihuahua mix, celebrates her 14th birthday!  We've had her since she was a puppy, and have showered her with many gifts---including doggie treats, and a new, talking, stuffed AFLAC Duck---with which, I am positive, she will spend many hours playing. Many more happy and healthy returns of the day..."

JULY 5, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Arthur Silber's post "I Accuse:  To Those Who Pave the Way for the New Fascism (Part IVB)" (also noted in Silber's essay, "Revisiting the False Alternative")

JULY 4, 2003

A Happy Independence Day!

Check out David M. Brown's tribute to the show 24, which mentions Sciabarra's love of the TV show (one of his favorite things)

A Few Random Thoughts on America's First Founding Father---Aristotle (several recent posts culled from the Objectivist Outcasts list)

Also:  Sciabarra's first book, Marx, Hayek, and Utopia, released in a second paperback printing

The First Book in Sciabarra's 'Dialectics and Liberty Trilogy'

JULY 3, 2003

A Note on Sciabarra's Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical (republished from the Atlantis Discussion List)

JULY 1, 2003

Sciabarra's Not a Blog added to Political Theory: Publications (under "Political Science")

JUNE 30, 2003

Sciabarra discusses Reason/Mindfulness (republished from the Mudita Forum list)

Sciabarra discusses aspects of Aristotle on cosmology and context (republished from the Objectivist Outcasts list)

Sciabarra contributes several posts to a discussion on "George W. Bush:  Unintended Presidential Paragon?" (on the SOLO HQ list).  Start here and scroll down.

JUNE 27, 2003

Sciabarra interviewed by Editor-in-Chief Jerome V. Kramer of Book magazine on Atlas Shrugged as one of the "20 Books That Changed America" (noted also by Light of Reason)

Book Magazine (July/August 2003): 20 Books That Changed America

ALSO:  On the 34th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, Sciabarra praises the Supreme Court's decision in the John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner v. Texas case.  See Sciabarra's comments on "The Honorable Mr. Justice Kennedy" at The Light of Reason.

JUNE 25, 2003

Sciabarra offers praise to Arthur Silber for his post "I Accuse:  To Those Who Pave the Way for the New Fascism"

See also "I Accuse" Revisited and Part III

Sciabarra on Aristotle (Again) (republished from the Objectivist Outcasts list)

JUNE 24, 2003

Sciabarra discusses "Rocking the Boat" in the intellectual waters of Objectivism (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

Sciabarra posts briefly on Aristotle as the father of logic and the father of dialectics (republished from the Objectivist Outcasts list)

JUNE 23, 2003

Sciabarra's book Total Freedom:  Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism continues to be reviewed in the scholarly literature.  See newly posted excerpts from an essay by Michael Principe, from Philosophy in Review

JUNE 20, 2003

Sciabarra has "a few random thoughts" on books about Ayn Rand's life

Sciabarra on "Mocking Objectivists" at Light of Reason

JUNE 19, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Matthew Yglesias' blog on the topic, "Weasel on Objectivism."  Sciabarra also gets mention by Zenpundit (who also links to The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, and by Geekery Today (Charles W. Johnson).

JUNE 17, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Arthur Silber's Light of Reason post:  "The Corruption and Debasement of Debate:  Rationalizing, Moralizing, and Psychologizing"

Sciabarra participates in a SOLO HQ Q&A on "Ayn Rand and Homosexuality"

JUNE 16, 2003

Sciabarra posts reflections ("Maazel conducts Rozsa's Violin Concerto") on the Miklos Rozsa Society Website

JUNE 13, 2003

Sciabarra congratulates Roger Clemens on the 300th win and 4000th strikeout of his major-league career---achieved on a lucky Friday the 13th of June.  Sciabarra is a New York Yankees fanatic

JUNE 12, 2003

Sciabarra's "Not a Blog" added to two scholarly blog indexes:  Gallowglass and Rhetorica Network's "Professors Who Blog".

JUNE 9, 2003

Sciabarra comments here on Adam Reed's paper, "After the Iraq War" on the SOLO HQ site

JUNE 8, 2003

Sciabarra comments on Murray Rothbard in a Light of Reason discussion, "To Pro-War Libertarians:  A Challenge," and on F. A. Hayek in a discussion on "The Indispensable Messrs. Henley and Pinkerton"

JUNE 4, 2003

Sciabarra contributes to a SOLO HQ discussion on "'Is Libertarianism Evil? (Revisited)'"

Sciabarra replies to additional comments on "The Academization of Objectivism" (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

JUNE 3, 2003

Sciabarra adds another comment on monopoly to Arthur Silber's blog entry, "Fire the Wizard --And Give Freedom a Chance" at Light of Reason

JUNE 2, 2003

Sciabarra replies to comments on "The Academization of Objectivism" (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

JUNE 1, 2003

Sciabarra on "The Academization of Objectivism"  (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

MAY 28-29, 2003

Sciabarra's "Reflections on Miles Davis, Bill Evans, and Kind of Blue" (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list and noted by Spaceplayer)

MAY 28, 2003

Sciabarra adds a comment on monopoly to Arthur Silber's blog entry, "Drifting Toward Fascism," at Light of Reason

MAY 25, 2003

Rock in Red Square (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

MAY 24, 2003

The Benefits and Hazards of Rice and Sciabarra-ism (republished from the SOLO HQ)

MAY 21, 2003

Is Chris Sciabarra nuts or what?  :)

MAY 20, 2003

Funny Cide added to Sciabarra's "Favorite Things"

MAY 18, 2003

Sciabarra is "Being Dialectical about Dialectics" (republished from the Nathaniel-Branden Yahoo List).

MAY 16, 2003

Sciabarra's essay, "Understanding the Global Crisis:  Reclaiming Rand's Radical Legacy," which was published in The Free Radical [56 (May/June 2003: 16-22], makes its debut online on SOLO HQ. In this essay, Sciabarra summarizes his views on the current crisis.  He discusses its deeper philosophic origins and Rand's interpretation of the historic role of U.S. foreign policy in its development.  He examines both the methodological basis of Rand's critique and the character of other Objectivist responses, and concludes with a call for a reclamation of Rand's analytical radicalism.   Take a look at the ongoing discussion that follows, wherein Sciabarra contributes quite a few posts---on everything from current events to a developing model for social change.  (Sciabarra's article has been highlighted by sites as diverse as here, Silber's Light of Reason here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here [that's a lot of "here"], Silber at Liberty & Power Group Blog, Michael van Winkle's Armchair Analyst, Jim Henley's Unqualified Offerings, The Binary Circumstance and Trey Givens, and Roderick T. Long at L&P.)  A PDF is available here.

See also Sciabarra on World War I, again

MAY 15, 2003

Sciabarra comments in the Update section of Arthur Silber's Light of Reason commentary on the "Terrible Consequences" of a culture of hate.   A long discussion follows in the comments section, in which Sciabarra participates.  The discussion has sparked other bloggers to post too.

MAY 13-14, 2003

Sciabarra discusses aspects of dialectical method in two follow-up posts, "Re: Life, Value, and Rand's Life & Value" (republished from the Nathaniel-Branden Yahoo List).

MAY 12, 2003

Sciabarra discusses Rand's views of Jesus in "Re: God Speaks" (republished from the SOLO Yahoo Forum list)

MAY 7, 2003

Sciabarra on "World War I" (republished from the Philosophy of Objectivism list)

MAY 6, 2003

Sciabarra on Ayn Rand as a Russian Radical (for a German audience)

"Was genau war russisch an Ayn Rand? [What was especially Russian about Ayn Rand?]"

 Published in eigentemlich frei

MAY 5, 2003

Sciabarra on "Life, Value, and Rand's Life & Value" (republished from the Nathaniel-Branden Yahoo List).

MAY 2, 2003

Sciabarra on Revisionist History Revised (republished from the Philosophy of Objectivism list)

MAY 1, 2003

Sciabarra on Spreading Objectivism:  Tips on Getting Published in Popular Media from The Free Radical

APRIL 30, 2003

Sciabarra on Winston Churchill and World War I (republished from the Philosophy of Objectivism list)

APRIL 27, 2003

In honor of Greek Easter (on which Sciabarra still feasts with his family), a resurrected tribute to a perennial Easter favorite:  the Oscar-winning film, Ben-Hur

APRIL 23, 2003

Sciabarra posts regularly to discussion lists focused on Objectivism, F. A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Nathaniel Branden, Karl Marx, libertarianism, feminism, psychology, and other subjects.  Check out a Table of Contents of selected posts (not all!) on U.S. foreign policy, interventionism, colonialism, and other subjects.

APRIL 17, 2003

A spotlight in Education Update on Sciabarra's sister:  Elizabeth Ann Sciabarra: Chief Executive for New School Development in the NYC Department of Education

APRIL 14, 2003

As a preface to his article on U.S. foreign policy in The Free Radical, Sciabarra asks:  What the Hell Has Happened to the Radical Spirit of Objectivism? on SOLO HQ.  Also see the discussion that follows, which includes posts by Sciabarra.

APRIL 9, 2003

In light of the coming U.S. occupation of Iraq, Sciabarra continues his discussion of Hayek and Nation-building (part two) on the Hayek-L Discussion List.  This post is also highlighted on the site of The Light of Reason.

MARCH 27, 2003

Sciabarra featured on "Noodlefood," the blog of Diana Mertz Hsieh, on Libertarianism versus libertarianism.

MARCH 14, 2003

Sciabarra raises questions on the Hayek-L Discussion List on the issue of Hayek and Nation-building (part one)

MARCH 7, 2003

Sciabarra continues his discussion of U.S. Foreign Policy, this time in a two-part post to SOLO HQ.  It is a distillation of many of the posts published below.

See SOLO, Part 1

See SOLO, Part 2

MARCH 2, 2003

Sciabarra on U.S. Foreign Policy:  Part Four - Commentary from the Nathaniel Branden Yahoo Group list, republished on the site of The Light of Reason

FEBRUARY 27, 2003

Sciabarra mentioned with regard to The Light of Reason discussions on Ayn Rand and HUAC

FEBRUARY 17, 2003

News Flash!

Snow-Buried Brooklyn Birthday Boy Blushes!

FEBRUARY 4, 2003

Sciabarra on U.S. Foreign Policy:  Part Three - Commentary from the Philosophy of Objectivism list, republished on the site of The Light of Reason

FEBRUARY 2, 2003

Sciabarra on U.S. Foreign Policy:  Part Two - Commentary from the Philosophy of Objectivism list, republished on the site of The Light of Reason (and cited here and here too)

JANUARY 29, 2003

Sciabarra on U.S. Foreign Policy:  Part One - Commentary from the Philosophy of Objectivism list, republished on the site of The Light of Reason

JANUARY 28, 2003

Philosophical Books is a quarterly academic journal providing scholarly reviews of new professional books in philosophy...

JANUARY 17, 2003

Sciabarra participates in a rough-and-tumble SOLO HQ debate (with many postings) on art and architecture

JANUARY 2, 2003

Sciabarra on the "The Eighth Sin," Film Score Monthly 8, no. 1 (January 2003):  9, 44.

DECEMBER 26, 2002

Ilana Mercer on The Mark Scott Show, where the guest and host speak of Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical (click here for summary of remarks) (26 December 2002).

DECEMBER 24, 2002

The New Fall 2002 Issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, which includes Sciabarra's essay, "Rand, Rush, and Rock," detailing Rand's presence in the scholarly literature in Progressive Rock music

DECEMBER 20,  2002

Long Live the Good Ol' Days -- Omaha's Orpheum Theater gets a $10 million renovation and shows it off with a gala screening of Leonard Bernstein's West Side Story, and Chris Matthew Sciabarra tells the tale . . .

Sciabarra provides a feature article for FILM SCORE MONTHLY (November 2002)... click here to find out more!

DECEMBER 19, 2002

Read Chris Matthew Sciabarra's guest essay on LewRockwell.comHow I Became a Libertarian (for Walter Block's "Autobiography Archive")

DECEMBER 3, 2002

Lindsay Perigo discusses the philosophy of Objectivism---and Sciabarra's role as "favourite whipping boy" of the orthodoxy.  And see the discussion too.

DECEMBER 1, 2002

A Visit Down Memory Lane:  Take a Look at Sciabarra's Archived Articles and More on the site of The Daily Objectivist

NOVEMBER 19, 2002

Sciabarra provides The Light of Reason with a suggested reading list in political philosophy, even as Arthur Silber highlights Sciabarra's Eminem piece... yet again.

NOVEMBER 10, 2002

Sciabarra provides additional Light of Reason entries in an ongoing discussion over libertarianism.  Check out the full discussion:

8 November 2002

9 November 2002

10 November 2002

13 November 2002

NOVEMBER 4, 2002

The film "8 Mile," directed by Curtis Hanson ("L.A. Confidential" and "Wonder Boys") and starring rap performer Eminem, makes its debut on 8 November 2002. 

For a look back at Chris Matthew Sciabarra's discussion of the Eminem phenomenon, see:

The Paradox of Eminem:  Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?

This article has been excerpted in "Commentary," in the newsletter of the Society for Lesbian and Gay Philosophy (Spring/Summer 2001):  5-7.  It has also been adapted for use in the course, "Backlash Against Women," taught by Tugce Arikan at Bilkent University, Bilkent Ankara, Turkey, for the week 9-13 December 2002, highlighting "Misogyny in Music."


OCTOBER 29, 2002

West Side Story Meets the Orpheum

Sciabarra's profile of film historian Bruce Crawford, who brings the Academy Award-winning film "West Side Story" and a theatrical tribute to the screen and stage of the newly renovated Orpheum Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska.  This article was also published in a revised version for Film Score Monthly.

Theatre Historical Society of America


OCTOBER 28, 2002

Sciabarra responds to the critics of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies

Partisanship vs. Objectivity in Ayn Rand Scholarship

... noted by LOR here, and see the discussion it has provoked.  Also see Roderick Long on the "Index Librorum Prohibitorum."


OCTOBER 21, 2002

Objectivism and Homosexuality

Sciabarra's controversial five-part series has now been published in its entirety ... with links to all the discussions it has provoked.  Noted too by LOR here and here)


OCTOBER 14, 2002

The Sciabarra Contributions to SOLO HQ



Announcing the new Light of Reason blog, organized by Arthur Silber. 

Check out Sciabarra's various contributions:

4 October 2002:  On Chicken Dialectics

10 September 2002:  A Discussion with Norah Vincent and Jane Galt on the Nature of Objectivism (see also here, here, here, here, here, and here)

7 September 2002:  New York, New York:  Reflections on the anniversary of September 11, 2001 (see also here and here)



Sciabarra interviewed on the McGill University rejection of an endowed Ayn Rand Chair:

Rand Rebuffed - By Terry O'Neill


AUGUST 9, 2002

The SOLO 1.5 Conference in NYC:  Photos and Recollections



JULY 26, 2002

Sciabarra featured in The New York Daily News:

Big Town Classic Characters:  New Yorkers of the American Imagination

... From The Fountainhead

"Howard Roark"

... also featured on the site of The Atlas Society