Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Ph.D.


This photo gallery started as "Blondie's Photo Gallery"---including many photos of my beloved dog Blondie and her many friends over the years. Sadly, Blondie passed away on January 12, 2006. But the Photo Gallery has been re-born ... as I preserve many more precious memories, while making new ones. Enjoy!

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Summer Sunshine  I Can Hardly Keep My Eyes Open Halloween 05, Yankee Dog Halloween 05, #1 Yankee Fan
Blondie in Marine Park, Brooklyn  Summer Vacation 05, Manhattan Beach Sunning on Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn
The Postcard Shot  Impatient for presents... Playing shy... I want Christmas Treats Now!
Halloween 04, I Dream of Jeanie I  Halloween 04, I Dream of Jeanie II Halloween 04, Jeanie III Summer Vacation 04, I
 Summer Vacation 04, II  Summer Vacation 04, III Summer Vacation 04, IV Summer Vacation 04, V
 Perigo visits Brooklyn (1)  Perigo visits Brooklyn (2) Perigo visits Brooklyn (3) Perigo visits Brooklyn (4)
 The Summer Wind  Squinting in the Sun Blondie and her Canadian Goose Pal Eyes All Aglow
 Lookin' Around  Relaxing... Getting Sleepy Sleeping...
 Yankee Dog  Baby it's cold outside... Do You Remember E.T.? A Blondie Halloween
 Chris and Karen Michalson  Chris and Joe Rowlands, SOLO Executive Director SOLO 1.5 Invades the Sciabarra Household Chris & SOLOist Glenn Lamont
At the APA Conference... At the APA Conference... At the APA Conference... Near the APA Conference...
Blondie LOVES Christmas! Blondie LOVES her stuffed animals! Mimi and Chris in Brooklyn The 2000 Snowstorm!
What a Gem!! At the Greenport Festival... Blondie and Her Daddy Sniffing for Treasures
Things are Looking Up! That Touch of Mink! Sock Puppet and Blondie So Many Phones, So Little Time
Chris with Blondie in Marine Park, Brooklyn...Blondie has her eyes on another doggie. Chris in Colorado, not too far from Galt's Gulch. Chris with Blondie in Marine Park,Brooklyn...Blondie wants to 'play' with a visiting squirrel (off-camera). For a Chronicle of Higher Education Photoshoot...The World Trade Center in the background
 Blondie in her racing car...just after watching her favorite show,'Wishbone.' Blondie on her Christmas after opening all her holiday gifts. 'Yo quiero books -- and FOOD!!!' ...across from the World Trade Center.
Dante Cali Ryan and Chris Chris Corona Cut