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THE REPORT 29, no. 17 (2 September 2002): 52.

Academia:  Rand Rebuffed:  McGill refuses funding to study a leading right-wing writer

Terry O'Neill

Terry O'Neill discusses the events surrounding McGill University's rejection of alumnus' Gilles Tremblay's offer to endow a $1.5 million chair of Ayn Rand studies in the department of philosophy.  Some believe that this rejection is a sign of left-wing dominance of academia, though McGill president Bernard Shapiro believes the offer was "too temporal and restrictive in scope."

O'Neill gives Sciabarra the last word in the article:

"Chris Matthew Sciabarra, a visiting scholar at New York University's department of politics, says it is difficult to prove any systematic discrimination against Rand, but there is no doubt she has been marginalized.  Why?  'She was an intellectual outsider, a novelist and philosopher who was scorned partially because of her popularity,' he says.  'Chalk that one up to intellectual snobbery.'"

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