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By Chris Matthew Sciabarra

"Ten Years After," The Free Radical 67 (July-August 2005): 20.  Discussion archived herePDF available.

"The Ayn Rand Centenary: Taking It Personally," The Free Radical 66 (April-May 2005): 20.  Discussion archived herePDF available.

"A Primer on Murray Rothbard," SOLO HQ (6 March 2005).  Discussion archived here.

"Miklos Rozsa: A Singular Life," The Free Radical 65 (February-March 2005): 13-16. Discussion archived herePDF available.

"The Rand Centenary Issues," The Free Radical 65 (February-March 2005): 11.  PDF available.

"I Told You So," SOLO HQ (21 November 2004).  Discussion archived herePDF available (for article that eventually was cut from Free Radical).

"Like a Man Possessed:  Review of Armando Cesari's book, Mario Lanza:  An American Tragedy" [with inset on the song, "I'll Walk With God"], The Free Radical 64 (October-November 2004): 26-29.  [Archived discussions here and here.]  PDF available.

"It's Time to Move On:  A Personal Statement," SOLO HQ (18 September 2004).  [Archived discussion here.]

"Caught Up in The Rapture," The Free Radical 63 (August-September 2004): 18-23. [Archived discussion here.] PDF available.

"SOLO HQ-Objectipedia Entries: Ditko, Steve; Miller, Frank; Rush; The Simpsons (9 July 2004).

"Bush Wins!," The Free Radical 62 (June-July 2004): 5.  [Archived discussion here.PDF available.

"Homo Hijackers? (2):  Sciabarra's Rejoinder to Firehammer," The Free Radical 62 (June-July 2004): 12-13.  [Archived discussion here.]  PDF available.

"In Praise of Hijacking," The Free Radical 61 (April-May 2004): 20-24. [Archived discussion here.]  PDF available.

"Celebrating the Great American Songbook," The Free Radical 60 (February-March 2004): 20-21.  [Archived discussion here.]  PDF available.

"A Question of Loyalty:  A 'Saddamite' Responds to Perigo," The Free Radical 59 (November 2003/January 2004):  9-11. [Archived discussion here.]  PDF available.

"The Professionalization of Ayn Rand Scholarship," SOLO HQ (2 December 2003).  [Archived discussion here.]

"SOLO Proudly Announces..." by Lindsay Perigo [noting the publication of Sciabarra's Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation] (11 November 2003). [Archived discussion here.]

"Privacy and Civilization," The Free Radical 58 (September/October 2003):  6.  PDF available.

"The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies:  Four Years and Counting," The Free Radical 57 (July/August 2003):  10-11.  [Archived here; discussion archived here as well.] PDF available.

"Understanding the Global Crisis:  Reclaiming Rand's Radical Legacy," The Free Radical 56 (May/June 2003):  16-22.  [Archived discussion here.] PDF available.

"Spreading Objectivism:  Tips on Getting Published in Popular Media," The Free Radical 55 (March/April 2003):  22.

"What the Hell Has Happened to the Radical Spirit of Objectivism?," SOLO HQ (14 April 2003). [Archived discussion here and here.]

Commentary on "It's a Thankless Life: The 'Doormat Syndrome' and George Bailey", Rebirth of Reason (27 December 2002).

"Objectivism and Homosexuality:  Ayn Rand and Beyond," The Free Radical  53 (September / October 2002):  29-31. [Warning:  Contains Nudity.  Please note:  The conclusion of the series was republished in its intended form in The Free Radical  54 (November 2002/February 2003):  38-40.]  [Archived discussion here.]

"Partisanship vs. Objectivity in Ayn Rand Scholarship," SOLO HQ (22 October 2002).  [Archived discussion here.]

"SOLO Testimonials: New York, August 9-11 2002," The Free Radical  53 (September/October 2002):  24-25.

"Objectivism and Homosexuality, Part 4 in a Series:  The Times They are a Changin'," The Free Radical  52 (June/July 2002):  10-14.  [Archived discussion here.]

"Objectivism and Homosexuality, Part 3 in a Series:  The Horror File," The Free Radical  51 (April/May 2002):  28-31. [Archived discussion here.]

"Personal Reflections from New York," The Free Radical  50 (December 2001 / January 2002): 32-33.

"Letters to the Editor:  TFR 49, White,"  The Free Radical  50 (December 2001 / January 2002): 42.

"Objectivism and Homosexuality, Part 2:  The Rattigan Society," The Free Radical  49 (October/November 2001):  34. [Archived discussion here.]

"The Day After in New York," SOLO HQ (12 September 2001).

"Objectivism and Homosexuality -- Again,"  The Free Radical  48 (August/September 2001):  20-21. [Archived discussion here.]

"Dialectics and The Art of Nonfiction," The Free Radical  47 (June/July 2001):  42-43.

"The Paradox of Eminem:  Will the Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?," The Free Radical 46 (April/May 2001):  2-7. [Archived discussion here.]

"Interview with Chris Matthew Sciabarra," by Peter Jaworski, The Free Radical  45 (February/March 2001):  26-28. [Archived discussion here.]

"The U.S. Elections - 2," The Free Radical  45 (February/March 2001):  25.

"The American Election," The Free Radical  44 (November 2000/January 2001):  32.

"TFR 42:  Ted Allen versus Chris Sciabarra," The Free Radical  44 (November 2000/January 2001):  42-43.

"Desert Island Discs," Free Radical Online, SOLO Forum (2001).  [Archived discussion here and here.]

"The Politics of Culture and the Culture of Politics," The Free Radical 43 (September/October 2000):  19.

"The Laramie Project:   Fighting Gay Panic and The Culture of Hate," The Free Radical 42 (July/August 2000):  23. [Archived discussion here and here.]

"Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand:  The Debate Continues," The Free Radical  40 (March / April 2000):  30-31.

"Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand:  The Debate Continues," The Free Radical  39 (December 1999/February 2000):  26.

"Scary Sciabarra!:  Sciabarra Responds," The Free Radical 39 (December 1999/February 2000): 34-35.

"A New New York," The Free Radical 38 (October/November 1999):  31. [Archived discussion here.]

"Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand:  The Debate Continues," The Free Radical  37 (August/September 1999).

"Reply to Robert White," The Free Radical 36 (June/July 1999):  25.

"Russian Radical Rand Revisited," The Free Radical 29 (March/April 1998): 20.

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