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DECEMBER 31, 2007

Song of the Day #861

Song of the DayJingle Bell Rock, written by Joe Beal and Jim Boothe, is a fun-filled holiday tune. Listen to audio clips by Bobby HelmsBrenda LeeAmy GrantRandy Travis, and even Billy Idol (on YouTube)!!! Have a Rockin' (and Safe) New Year's Eve!

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DECEMBER 30, 2007

Song of the Day #860

Song of the DayLast Christmas, written by George Michael, has been recorded by so many artists, but it was first released by Wham. Listen to audio clips of renditions by the Cheetah Girls and Hilary Duff (the clip is actually available on the link labeled "Same Old Christmas"), and take a look on YouTube for a sweet ballad-to-dance version by Ashley Tisdale, a nice house-inflected version by Cascada, and the original Wham video.

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DECEMBER 29, 2007

Song of the Day #859

Song of the DayRockin' Around the Christmas Treewords and music by Johnny Marks, is a fun-filled seasonal romp. Listen to audio clips of renditions by Brenda LeeRonnie Spector and Darlene Love, and a Hannah Montana YouTube Clip.

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DECEMBER 28, 2007

Song of the Day #858

Song of the DayCarol for Another Christmas, composed by Henry Mancini, was the title track of a classic 1964 Rod Serling-scripted TV take on "A Christmas Carol," directed by Joseph Mankiewicz. I was first exposed to this beautiful instrumental as a child, watching the great Yule Log on WPIX-TV. It's one of those sensitively performed compositions, which has had a tendency to bring a bit of a puddle to my tear ducts. Listen to an audio clip of Henry Mancini (here too).

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DECEMBER 27, 2007

Song of the Day #857

Song of the DayCoventry Carol is a traditional English carol from the sixteenth century whose words are attributed to Robert Croo. I always associated this gorgeous, haunting carol with the alternate version of "Away in a Manger," because it was recorded in a medley by the Living Strings (featured on an album, "The Spirit of Christmas," which I finally got after about 35 years of searching for it!). Listen to audio clips of versions by The King's Sisters, the Mediaeval Baebes, and the Swingle Sisters.

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DECEMBER 26, 2007

Song of the Day #856

Song of the DayA Holly Jolly Christmas, music and lyrics by Johnny Marks, has been recorded by several artists, including Burl Ives and Alan Jackson (audio clips at those links). I was first introduced to this song as a kid, in my annual viewing of one of my favorite animated Christmas tales of all time: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer."

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DECEMBER 25, 2007

Song of the Day #855 (RIP, Oscar Peterson)

Song of the DayA Child is Born, words and music by Alec Wilder and Thad Jones, is a song that has come to be identified with this day, but it has also become a jazz standard. Listen to audio clips of renditions by Thad Jones and Mel LewisDiane ReevesBill EvansBill Evans and Tony Bennett, and, finally, Oscar Peterson, who passed away on Sunday, December 23, 2007. A sad loss for lovers of music to contemplate on this Christmas Day. Rest in peace.

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DECEMBER 24, 2007

Song of the Day #854

Song of the DayIt Came Upon a Midnight Clear, words by Edmund Hamilton Sears, music by Richard Storrs Willis, is one of those Christmas songs that has been recorded by many artists. Listen to audio clips of renditions by Josh GrobinMannheim Steamroller, and guitar greats Joe Pass and Jack Wilkins, each of whom casts his own magic on this classic carol. Meanwhile, it's Christmas Eve: Don't forget to Track Santa!

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DECEMBER 23, 2007

Song of the Day #853

Song of the DayHere Comes Santa Claus, words and music by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman, is another holiday favorite. Listen to an audio clip of the Gene Autry version.

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DECEMBER 22, 2007

Song of the Day #852

Song of the DayFrosty the Snowmanwords and music by Steve "Jack" Rollins and Steve Nelson, is the perfect song for the Winter Solstice, which arrives at 1:08 a.m., Eastern time. And now begins the march back toward the light! Listen to an audio clip of the famous Gene Autry and the Cass Country Boys version of this seasonal favorite. And check out a YouTube video clip of the Rankin-Bass animated classic, with Jimmy Durante singing the title track.

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DECEMBER 21, 2007

Song of the Day #851

Song of the DayGrandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer, written by Randy Brooks, was recorded by Dr. Elmo. This crazy comedy Christmas classic can be viewed on YouTube. And check out the rap version and the remix too. Today begins our Annual Holiday Music Tribute!

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Hi! I work for Dr. Elmo. Thank you for putting his song up! If you give me your email address, I will send you his newest - "Twas the Night Before Kwanzaa"!


Posted by: Pam Wendell | December 22, 2007 12:42 PM

Thanks so much, Pam! I'll write to you offlist! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Posted by: Chris Matthew Sciabarra | December 27, 2007 08:01 AM


DECEMBER 20, 2007

Song of the Day #850

Song of the DayEverybody Dance (Clap Your Hands), words and music by Bernard Edwards and Nile Rogers, was a huge hit for Chic (YouTube clip at that link). And for a nice twist on an old dance classic, check out a new version recorded by the great Deborah Cox (YouTube clip at that link).

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DECEMBER 19, 2007

Song of the Day #849

Song of the DayIt's Impossible is the English language version by Sid Wayne of a Spanish standard "Somos Novios" by Armando Manzanero. Listen to audio clips of Spanish-language renditions by Manzanero himselfLuis Miguel, and, in a YouTube clip, Andrea Boccelli and Christina Aguilera. Then check out audio clips of English-language renditions by Elvis Presley, and, my favorite, Perry Como (check out a YouTube full-length version of the Como classic).

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DECEMBER 18, 2007

Song of the Day #848

Song of the DayThat's All, words and music by Alan Brandt and Bob Haymes, is a standard of the Great American Songbook (and I especially love a version recorded by my sister-in-law, jazz singer Joanne Barry). Listen to audio clips of renditions�some sweet, some swing�by Nat King ColeMichael Buble, and Bobby Darin.

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DECEMBER 17, 2007

Song of the Day #847

Song of the DayA Song for Youwords and music by Leon Russell, has been recorded by countless artists. Listen to audio clips from renditions by Leon Russell himselfCarmen McRaethe CarpentersDusty SpringfieldAndy WilliamsRay CharlesNatalie Colethe TemptationsDonny Hathaway (Elliot Yamin sure was influenced by him), and, my favorite recent recording, by Christina Aguilera and Herbie Hancock.

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DECEMBER 16, 2007

Song of the Day #846

Song of the DayMakes Me Wonder features the words and music of Adam LevineJesse Carmichael, and Mickey Madden of Maroon 5. Check out the YouTube video clip of this infectious pop hit.

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DECEMBER 15, 2007

Song of the Day #845

Song of the DayProud Mary, written by John Fogerty, has been recorded by many artists. Though I do enjoy the original Creedence Clearwater version, my favorite version remains that of the Ike and Tina Turner RevueIke Turner, who passed away on December 12, 2007, provided the deep vocal counterpoint to Tina Turner's "nice and rough" vocals on their classic take of this song. They won a 1971 Grammy award for Best R&B Performance by a Group. Listen to audio clips of the original Creedence Clearwater Revival version and the scalding rendition of the Ike and Tina Turner Revue.

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DECEMBER 14, 2007

Song of the Day #844

Song of the DayYou Should Be Dancing, written and performed by the Bee Gees, features that soaring Barry Gibb falsetto. This song famously framed John Travolta's classic disco dance sequence (YouTube clip at that link) on the flashing floor of Brooklyn's 2001 Odyssey (which later became a famous gay dance club known as Spectrum). Yes, I'd been to that club, and had danced on that floor, long before the establishment closed for good. Ah, memories ... Listen to an audio clip of this track here. And so concludes our 9-day tribute to "Saturday Night Fever," which debuted on this date, 30 years ago. I'm goin' dancin'...

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Chris, didn't that particular track pre-date the film? I think it does, not 100% sure.

Posted by: Aeon J. Skoble | December 14, 2007 12:15 PM

Absolutely correct! It's from the 1976 album Children of the World.

The song went to #1 from that album, and had a second life with "SNF."

Posted by: Chris Matthew Sciabarra | December 18, 2007 10:09 AM


DECEMBER 13, 2007

Song of the Day #843

Song of the DayK-Jee, composed by Charles Hearndon and Harvey Fuqua, was performed on the soundtrack by MFSB, giving disco an added dash of Philly soul. This one can be heard in full on YouTube; it's a remake of a recording by the Nite-Liters (audio clip at that link).

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DECEMBER 12, 2007

Song of the Day #842

Song of the DayDisco Inferno, music and lyrics by L. Green and R. Kersey, was one of the hottest dance cuts featured on the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever" (nice Travolta interview at that link). A #1 dance hit by the Philly dance band, The Trammps, this one still sizzles ("Burn Baby, Burn!"). And it also reminds us that the soundtrack brought together not only music from the Bee Gees, but music from an era. The soundtrack may not have even been nominated for an Oscar, but it took the 1978 Grammy for "Album of the Year." Take a look at the original Trammps video, and then check out alternative YouTube moments, renditions by Cyndi Lauper (another Cyndi audio mix here), Tina Turner, and Madonna (in an "Inferno"-laced remix of "Music," that is a tribute to the "Saturday Night Fever" disco era).

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DECEMBER 11, 2007

Song of the Day #841

Song of the DaySalsation (YouTube clip at that link), written and performed by David Shire, is another classic instrumental dance cut, an integration of disco, jazz, and Latin influences, from the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack. Listen to an audio clip of this track here.

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DECEMBER 10, 2007

Song of the Day #840

Song of the DayManhattan Skyline (a poignant YouTube clip at that link) was written and performed by David Shire. Featured on the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack, it is a lyrical disco paean to a skyline of hope for the young Brooklynite, Tony Manero, played by John Travolta. Also listen to an audio clip of this track here.

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DECEMBER 09, 2007

Song of the Day #839

Song of the DayMore Than a Woman, music and lyrics by the Bee Gees, was featured in two versions on the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack. Listen to audio clips of renditions by the famously falsetto Bee Gees and a group of five brothers, who formed a super R&B, disco, and soul band named Tavares.

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Is it heretical for me to suggest that the Tavares version is better? I don't dislike the Bee Gees version, but I always preferred the Tavares.

Posted by: Aeon J. Skoble | December 12, 2007 10:36 AM

Not at all heretical! I agree! :)

Posted by: Chris Matthew Sciabarra | December 18, 2007 10:06 AM


DECEMBER 08, 2007

Song of the Day #838

Song of the DayIf I Can't Have You, written by the Bee Gees, was performed by Yvonne Elliman on the soundtrack to "Saturday Night Fever." Listen here to an audio clip of this sweet melodic song about the tribulations of love.

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DECEMBER 07, 2007

Song of the Day #837

Song of the DayHow Deep is Your Love, written and performed by the Bee Gees, was a #1 hit for an astounding 17 weeks in 1977-1978. Listen to an audio clip of this melodic "Saturday Night Fever" song here.

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DECEMBER 06, 2007

Song of the Day #836

Song of the DayStayin' Alive, written by Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb, was a huge #1 hit for them, as the Bee Gees. It was the opening theme of a movie that encapsulated so much about the disco era: "Saturday Night Fever." When I first saw the film on the big screen in 1977, I found it a bit depressing in its depiction of the tragic lives of so many of its characters. The film and even its Broadway incarnation provided more than a few moments of both reflection ... and entertainment. And while I've mentioned other cuts from the famous soundtrack, including "Open Sesame," "Night on Disco Mountain," and "A Fifth of Beethoven," none is more identified with the film than this one. It even shows up again in the film's sequel of the same title. And it has been spoofed countless times ("Now you can tell by the way I wear my pants / that I'm a man / Can't take no chance"...). Today begins a 9-day tribute to the soundtrack of "Saturday Night Fever," still one of the biggest-selling, and most influential, albums of all time. The film celebrates the 30th anniversary of its debut on December 14, 2007. Many covers of this song have been recorded, but it's always best to begin at the beginning. Listen to an audio clip of this track by the Bee Gees.

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I am the genie of sound!
Everybody get down!

Posted by: Aeon J. Skoble | December 6, 2007 09:08 AM

Chris; I must add that I saw Saturday Night Fever soon after it opened. I was impressed. Thanks for the reminder.

Posted by: Chris Grieb | December 7, 2007 01:21 PM

Wonderfull song... Still very famous here in The Netherlands, on radio and in clubs.

Wondering if I am going to hear it that often in the USA :)

Posted by: Geld Lenen | December 11, 2007 09:15 AM

Well, it still is being played on American radio, that's for sure!

They've had a few very nice "Saturday Night Fever" tributes on television over the past week too.

Posted by: Chris Matthew Sciabarra | December 18, 2007 09:58 AM

Great song:)! Still very popular for sure!

Posted by: Brommerverzekering | January 12, 2008 07:47 AM

Amazingly so!

Posted by: Chris Matthew Sciabarra | January 20, 2008 07:51 PM


DECEMBER 05, 2007

Inside Higher Ed: Around the Web

Scott McLemee takes a look "Around the Web" at Inside Higher Ed, and mentions me and some of my recommendations for blog reading.

Cross posted to L&P.

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Song of the Day #835

Song of the DaySay it Right (lyrics and YouTube clip at that link), words and music by Nelly FurtadoTim "Timbaland" Mosley, and Nate Hills, has a killer sleaze beat hook. Listen to an audio clip of this track from the album "Loose."

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DECEMBER 04, 2007

Song of the Day #834

Song of the DayAll Across the City was composed by Jim Hallthe great jazz guitarist, who was born on this date in 1930. Listen to various audio clips of this haunting jazz classic: the brilliant Jim Hall-Bill Evans duet; a lush Jim Hall version; and sensitive collaborations of Jim Hall with Paul Desmond and with the great Pat Metheny tooHappy birthday, Mr. Hall!

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DECEMBER 03, 2007

Song of the Day #833

Song of the DayThe Way I Are features the words and music of T. MosleyN. Hills, B. Muhammad, C. Nelson, J. Maultsby, and Keri Hilson, who can be heard along with rapper D.O.E. and, of course, Timbaland, on vocals. Take a look at the YouTube video clip of this sizzling dance track.

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DECEMBER 02, 2007

Laissez Faire Books Lives!

Back in October, I reported that Laissez Faire Books was closing its doors after 36 years of business. I've recently learned that LFB will live on, thanks to the efforts of the International Society for Individual Liberty. Taking "over the reins" of this "truly iconic institution," ISIL "will continue to offer a wide selection of books of special interest to libertarians," while "publishing new books as well as reprinting classics from the past."

Mucho congratulations to all those who worked hard to save this institution.

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DECEMBER 01, 2007

Song of the Day #832

Song of the DayBeat It, words, music, and performance by Michael Jackson, was one of the biggest hits from the album, "Thriller," which was released twenty-five years ago today. Jim Farber's recollection gets it right; this brilliant Quincy Jones-produced album defined a remarkable moment in pop cultural history on so many levels. Listen here to an audio clip of this classic track, with its scintillating Eddie van Halen electric guitar solo, and watch the video that had a huge impact on pop music.

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