Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Ph.D.




This announcement, "RATIONAL MINDS WANT TO KNOW," was published by The Daily Objectivist on 26 August 1999, prior to the book's publication.

"Chris Matthew Sciabarra's long awaited masterpiece -- TOTAL FREEDOM:  TOWARD A DIALECTICAL LIBERTARIANISM -- the culmination of a lifetime of exhaustive research and profound contemplation, has just been accepted for publication by Penn State Press.  Penn State also published Sciabarra's fascinating and controversial AYN RAND:  THE RUSSIAN RADICAL, which was an exploration of the historical roots and dialectical contours of Rand's thought.  A central theme of RUSSIAN RADICAL was actually quite familiar in official exegesis of Rand:  that her thought is pervasively 'dialectical'; or, to use the Randian parlance, context-keeping rather than context-dropping.  Nonetheless, the book was bitterly excoriated by some keepers of the flame, most bitterly of all by those who had least turned its pages.  The new work expands the project, tracing the meaning of dialectics through history in the first part, before lapsing into an extended discussion of the work of Murray N. Rothbard in the anarcho second part. . . ."

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