Marx, Hayek,and Utopia 

Index of Published Reviews -- and the Author's Responses

Sciabarra Responds:

  • *Sadly, Witthuize's review exhibits a utopian belief in the creation of a social order that dispenses with unintended consequences. He seems not to have understood my indictment of that view in "Marx, Hayek, and Utopia", and completely misses the point of my defense of dialectical method as a radical rebuke against such utopian theorizing. Perhaps he should read the rest of my "Dialectics and Liberty Trilogy," especially "Total Freedom: Toward a Dialectical Libertarianism" in order to grasp the nuances of my analysis. I'm also a bit astonished that any reader would doubt my mastery of the Marxist scholarly literature, considering that this project grew out of, and benefited from, the intense scrutiny of the great Marxist political theorist Bertell Ollman, my mentor and dear friend. That's not an argument from authority so much as it is a statement of fact. (19 September 2021)