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Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation



And Firehammer's reply to Sciabarra's review: "Homo Hijackers (1):  Response to Chris Sciabarra's 'In Praise of Hijacking'," The Free Radical 62 (June-July 2004):  8-11.

This is a full-length book that criticizes those "politically conservative homosexuals [who] are attracted to Objectivism because of Objectivism's emphasis on individual liberty." Firehammer focuses specific and detailed attention on Sciabarra's monograph and argues:  "There is a movement among many of these homosexuals and their sympathizers to take over Objectivism and change it from a philosophy to a 'movement,' or 'way of life'; to make it inclusive of ideas and practices inimical to Objectivism. The movement repudiates anyone calling themselves an Objectivist who does not support homosexual practices, as well as, embracing them as normal, moral, and benevolent, while claiming themselves and their movement to be the 'true Objectivism.'" Firehammer "analyzes" and "exposes" this movement, discussing such "fundamental issues" as "normality, morality, and sexuality," as he repudiates the "hijacking" of Rand's philosophy by those like Sciabarra, who, intentionally or inadvertently, pursue the "homosexual agenda."

Firehammer also has written a reply to Sciabarra's review of his book, entitled:  "Homo Hijackers (1):  Response to Chris Sciabarra's 'In Praise of Hijacking,'" The Free Radical 62 (June-July 2004):  8-11.  In that essay, Firehammer writes:  "Dr. Chris Matthew Sciabarra is the kind of man I wish I never had to disagree with; but, if I must have an adversary, I could not ask for a more decent or worthy one.  'In Praise of Hijacking,' his recent well-crafted criticism of my book, The Hijacking of a Philosophy, exemplifies the very high qualities for which I admire him."  Firehammer goes on to defend his book; he also criticizes the work of Nathaniel Branden, and Sciabarra's conception of dialectics.  But he concludes:  "I share Dr. Sciabarra's objectives to encourage homosexuals to embrace the principles of Objectivism and to discourage Objectivists from repudiating homosexuals on a personal level.  What is perfectly consistent with Objectivism is the view that every individual must be free to choose how they will live their own lives, including how they use their own bodies, and whatever they choose is nobody else's business." Firehammer repudiates "the hateful, ignorant, boorish, and careless of all stripes," and those "who resort to harassing, bullying, offensive, and intentionally hateful speech or actions toward homosexuals ..."

[Note:  Firehammer has also praised Sciabarra's scholarship in Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical (which he offers for sale at The Autonomist):  "Even if the reader disagrees with Dr. Sciabarra's entire premise/conclusion, the historical research and background are required for any serious student of Ayn Rand's Objectivism." G. Stolyarov II has also written "Homosexuality: A Chosen Harm."]

Sciabarra's Response to Reginald Firehammer Click the Pic to View the Author's review of Firehammer's book, and the rejoinder to Firehammer's reply

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