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REASON 36, no. 10 (March 2005): 22-29.

"Ayn Rand at 100"

Loved, hated, and always controversial, the best-selling author of The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged is more relevant than ever.

Cathy Young

In this reflection on the Ayn Rand Centenary, Young mentions Sciabarra's work:  "In recent years, at last, some analysis of Rand has appeared that is neither uncritical adulation nor unrelenting bashing.  Some of it has come from unorthodox neo-Objectivists, such as the feminist scholar Mimi Gladstein or the political philosopher Chris Matthew Sciabarra. (The two edited the 1999 book Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand, and Sciabarra wrote [1995's] controversial Ayn Rand: The Russian Radical.)  The five-year-old Journal of Ayn Rand Studies, co-founded by Sciabarra, often features essays by mainstream intellectuals that treat Rand's legacy in a non-hagiographic way."

Reason magazine also published Sciabarra's review of Letters of Ayn Rand ("Rand the Living") in its November 1995 issue.

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