Marx, Hayek,and Utopia

Endorsements from

Right and Left:

Karen Vaughn, Austrian school economist and author, George Mason University:

          "Sciabarra argues that Hayek and Marx shared a dialectic approach, an appreciation for the importance of context, and a disdain for utopian thinking. The major difference between Hayek and Marx is `epistemic' or rather in the assumptions they make about the possible progress of human knowledge. This is a most important thesis that serves to illuminate the ideas of two great thinkers and serves to underscore the importance of Hayek's philosophical message. Few others have even noted similarities between the structure of Hayek's and Marx's thought, let alone engaged in such a detailed and enlightening comparison."

Bertell Ollman, Marxist scholar, New York University:

            "Marx, Hayek and Utopia is a shockingly original piece of work, closely and cleverly argued, skillfully organized, and scholarly in the extreme -- Sciabarra knows the Marxist and Hayekian literatures thoroughly. It is a very tolerant work, open to and looking for the strengths in both traditions. It is certain to provoke a great deal of thought among all its readers, no matter where they fit on the ideological spectrum."


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