Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand

Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand


The Randian-Feminism Mailing List is a forum for Objectivist and Randian Feminists -- people who share a common interest in Feminist philosophy, issues and perspectives, and in Ayn Rand's ideas and philosophy.  Thomas Gramstad created the list on January 14, 1998. 

On March 1, 1999, the list began a structured discussion of Feminist Interpretations of Ayn Rand.  The conference concluded four months later.   The co-moderators of the discussion were Thomas Gramstad and Bryan Register.  Some of the key introductory and contributor comments are archived here under the Title of the Articles listed below.

March 1, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Preface - Nancy Tuana

Introduction  -  Mimi Reisel Gladstein and Chris Matthew Sciabarra

March 8, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Ayn Rand: The Reluctant Feminist  -  Barbara Branden

March 15, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)

Ayn Rand and Feminism: An Unlikely Alliance  -  Mimi Reisel Gladstein

On Atlas Shrugged  -  Judith Wilt

March 22, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)

Ayn Rand and Feminist Synthesis: Rereading We the Living - Valerie Loiret-Prunet

March 29, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Skyscrapers, Supermodels, and Strange Attractors: Ayn Rand, Naomi Wolf, and the Third Wave Aesthos - Barry Vacker

April 12, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Ayn Rand: A Traitor to Her Own Sex  -  Susan Brownmiller

Psyching Out Ayn Rand  -  Barbara Grizzuti Harrison

April 19, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Looking Through a Paradigm Darkly  -  Wendy McElroy

April 26, 1999  (Bryan Register)

The Romances of Ayn Rand   -  Judith Wilt

May 3, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)

Was Ayn Rand a Feminist?  -  Nathaniel Branden

Ayn Rand and the Concept of Feminism: A Reclamation  -  Joan Kennedy Taylor 

May 17, 1999   (Thomas Gramstad)

Ayn Rand's Philosophy of Individualism: A Feminist Psychologist's Perspective  -   Sharon Presley

May 24, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)

Sex and Gender Through an Egoist Lens: Masculinity and Femininity in the Philosophy of Ayn Rand  -  Diana Mertz Brickell

May 31, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Ayn Rand: The Woman Who Would Not Be President  -  Susan Love Brown

June 7, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)

Reflections on Ayn Rand  -  Camille Paglia

Rereading Rand on Gender in the Light of Paglia  -  Robert Sheaffer

June 14, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)

Who is Dagny Taggart?: The Epic Hero/ine in Disguise  -   Karen Michalson

June 21, 1999  (Bryan Register)

The Female Hero: A Randian-Feminist Synthesis  -  Thomas Gramstad

June 28, 1999  (Bryan Register)

Fluff and Granite: Rereading Rand's Camp Feminist Aesthetics  - Melissa Jane Hardie

July 5, 1999  (Thomas Gramstad)


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