The following article appeared in the Fall 2004 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (Volume 6, Number 1): 1-20.  This is an introduction to the first of two parts of the JARS' Ayn Rand Centenary Symposium.  The symposium is entitled:  "Ayn Rand:  Literary and Cultural Impact."


By Chris Matthew Sciabarra

Abstract This article surveys the exponential increase in Rand references in scholarly and popular sources to illustrate her cultural ascendancy as an iconic figure. Special attention is paid to Rand's impact on popular literature, television, cartoons, and illustrated media, including comics. Rand's own involvement in illustrated presentations of her ideas is explored, as is her influence on such comic artists as Steve Ditko, Frank Miller, and others. Nathaniel Branden's insights on the role of comics in projecting heroic values are also addressed.

This article is now available as a PDF.  Click here.

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