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Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Liberation



From the Author

Published in the "Letters" section of Boulder Weekly, 15 January 2004, in response to Ari Armstrong's review and the commentary it provoked

I wanted to thank Ari Armstrong for his review of my book, Ayn Rand, Homosexuality, and Human Libertation ("Queers for capitalism," Liberty Beat, Dec. 18), and also those who responded to Armstrong's essay ("Rand is wrong," letters, Jan. 1).  My book is not an apologia for Rand's own disgust with homosexuality or for the penchant of some of her sycophants who would create a cult of personality in her name.

Rather, it emphasizes that Rand's Objectivist philosophy speaks to the very real human yearning for authenticity and dignity. Those gays and lesbians who have learned from it are enthralled with the self-acceptance it promotes, from which any "general acceptance" must flow. This is not a call for the "religious" affirmation of all things Randian; it is an appreciation of the need to apply whatever good Rand taught to the context of one's own life, and to live---as an individual.

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