The following article appeared in the Spring 2005 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies (Volume 6, Number 2): 241-50.  This is an introduction to the second of two parts of the JARS' Ayn Rand Centenary Symposium.  The symposium is entitled:  "Ayn Rand Among the Austrians."



By Chris Matthew Sciabarra and

Larry J. Sechrest

Abstract This article surveys Rand's relationship to key thinkers in the Austrian school of economics, including Ludwig von Mises, Murray N. Rothbard, and F. A. Hayek. Austrian theory informs the writings of Rand and her early associates (e.g., Nathaniel Branden, Alan Greenspan, and George Reisman) on topics ranging from monopoly to business cycles. Some post-Randian thinkers (e.g., Richard Salsman), however, have repudiated many of these insights, thus constituting a movement away from the historically close relationship between Objectivism and Austrianism. This symposium explores the distinction between these approaches and the possibilities for a shared vision.

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