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Chris Matthew Sciabarra, Ph.D.

Doctoral Dissertation

Toward a Radical Critique of Utopianism: Dialectics and Dualism in the Works of Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard and Karl Marx


Introduction   1                                                                                         

Part One: The Methodological Roots of Utopianism  14

Chapter One: Methodology and Perspective: Dualism vs. Dialectics   14

Chapter Two: Beyond Liberal and Conservative:  Friedrich Hayek and the Evolutionist Critique of Utopian Theory  30

Part Two: The Libertarian Dualism of Murray N. Rothbard    79

Introduction: Rothbard Libertarianism in Perspective  79

Chapter Three: Rothbardian Social Ontology  104

Chapter Four: State, Class, and Crisis  147

Section 4.1 - The Market versus the State  149

Section 4.2 - Interventionism and Group Privilege  187

Section 4.3 - Crisis and Class Dynamics  212

Chapter Five: Anarcho-Capitalism on the Precipice of Utopia   241

Section 5.1 - Political Technique   246                                                                          

Section 5.2 - The Dualist Resolution  262

Part Three: Karl Marx and the Dialectics of Social Efficacy   300

Introduction: A Method of Inquiry  300

Chapter Six: The Dualistic Nature of Capitalism  311

Chapter Seven: Transcending Dualism (I): The Marxian Dialectic   346

Chapter Eight: Transcending Dualism (II): The Triumph of Social Efficacy  376

Epilogue: Toward a Radical Discourse  427

References  447

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